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N.S.PRO 1.2.3 Series

Specialty 21 Piece Fitting Series

3 Unique Shaft Profiles

Color Coded Shaft Cosmetics

Different Swings Require Different Shafts

Golfers have different swings that create stress on different sections of the shaft. If the shaft is not sufficiently strong in a given section, that golfer will lose speed, control, and uniform contact. The N.S.PRO 1.2.3 Series is made up of 3 versions, each of which has different flex rating for the BUTT section, MID section and TIP section of each shaft model. By comparing the three versions of the 1.2.3 Series in a live shaft testing session, a golfer learns which version provides the most driver power, accuracy and consistency.

N.S.PRO 1.2.3 Shaft Profiles

Contact Us Today For A N.S.PRO 1.2.3 Shaft Test Session

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Shaftology Centers/ Nippon Shaft

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